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List of countries currently supported by Breedj

Breedj currently provides global mobility services across 54 countries on the African continent. In the foreseeable future, Breedj plans to broaden its horizon beyond Africa, extending our global mobility services to other continents. This expansion offers organizations the opportunity to create a global presence, while leveraging Breedj’s specialized expertise and support to guide them through each phase of their international growth trajectory, easing their global workforce relocation process.

As per the World Economic Forum, Africa will be the sole region experiencing population growth by the century’s end. We recognize immense potential and opportunity in these diverse nations, and our aim is to empower both companies and talent to prosper in this burgeoning market through effective global workforce relocation services.

Your trusted global mobility partner

We simplify global employee relocation

With Breedj as your partner in global mobility, the necessity to set up branches in every operational country becomes a thing of the past. We stand in as the employer of record for your international employees, significantly cutting down on your operational intricacies and expenses.

Our platform is crafted with the intent to ensure that your foreign operations remain compliant with local labor laws, employment regulations, and tax rules. This approach minimizes risks and encourages a culture of compliance, making your global workforce relocation journey smoother and more efficient.

Employment contracts

We handle employment contracts for both global employees and contractors.

Guaranteed compliance

Breedj ensures full compliance with your workers' local labor laws.

Global payroll

Our platform ensures accurate and timely international salary payments.

Legal expertise

Leverage Breedj's extensive expertise to navigate diverse employment laws.

Tax & contributions

Breedj handles tax & mandatory contributions as required by local labor laws.

Multiple currencies

Your workers are paid in their local currency, directly to their bank account.

Choose a global mobility platform with a vision.

Become part of a collective effort to shape a more sustainable world and directly contribute to the United Nations Development Goals (SDGs).

Experience the simplicity of moving your employees across borders with Breedj, your reliable provider for global mobility solutions. Our global workforce relocation platform is designed to guide you through the intricacies of employee relocation, safeguard compliance, and streamline payroll administration for your global team.

Global Mobility: Transcending challenges for global success

Managing a global workforce introduces an array of challenges and complexities. Making sense of various countries’ employment laws, acknowledging diverse cultural norms, overseeing international payroll and taxes, and guaranteeing global HR compliance can be a demanding and intricate endeavor.

The potential consequences of not adhering to international employment laws can result in steep fines, reputational harm, and even business shutdown. Such challenges can discourage businesses from pursuing their global expansion goals, despite the potential for significant growth.

Moreover, the alternative approach to global expansion—establishing entities in each operational country—can be a lengthy and expensive endeavor. It demands an in-depth understanding of local legal frameworks, potentially requiring businesses to seek legal advice, which adds an extra layer of complexity and cost.

This is where Breedj comes into play. We are devoted to tackling these challenges, ensuring your business can confidently and compliantly expand on a global scale. As your trusted partner in global mobility and workforce relocation, we deal with the complexities of global employment, allowing you to concentrate on your central business activities and realize your global growth potential.

Global Mobility : Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. What are Global Mobility Services?

Global Mobility Services are a suite of solutions designed to help companies manage the international movement of their employees. This includes everything from pre-assignment planning and immigration support to relocation logistics, cultural training, and tax assistance.

2. Who benefits from using a Global Mobility Service provider?

Any company that sends employees abroad for work can benefit from using a Global Mobility Service provider. This is especially true for companies with limited experience in international assignments or those looking to streamline and optimize their relocation processes.

3. What types of services do Global Mobility providers offer?

Global Mobility providers offer a wide range of services, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of each company and employee. Some common services include:

  • Immigration and visa processing
  • Relocation assistance (housing search, household goods shipment)
  • Tax equalization and compliance
  • Departure and repatriation services


4. How can Global Mobility Services help my company?

Global Mobility Services can help your company in several ways:

  • Reduce costs and time spent on managing international assignments.
  • Ensure compliance with immigration regulations and tax laws.
  • Minimize disruptions to employee productivity.
  • Improve employee satisfaction with the relocation experience.
  • Attract and retain top talent by offering a comprehensive relocation package.

5. What is the typical process for relocating an employee internationally?

The typical process for relocating an employee internationally can vary depending on the specific circumstances, but it generally involves the following steps:

  • Pre-assignment planning: This includes assessing the employee’s needs, developing a relocation budget, and establishing a timeline.
  • Immigration and visa processing: The company will need to work with the employee to obtain the necessary visas and permits for work in the host country.
  • Relocation logistics: This includes advice on finding housing for the employee and their family, and securing coworking spaces for their business activities.
  • Ongoing support: The company may provide ongoing support to the employee throughout their assignment, such as tax advice.


6. What are the different types of visas available for international assignments?

There are many different types of work visas available, and the specific type your employee needs will depend on several factors, including:

  • The employee’s nationality
  • The host country
  • The duration of the assignment
  • The nature of the employee’s work


Common work visa types include:

  • Temporary work visas: These visas are valid for a limited period, typically from a few months to a few years.
  • Intra-company transfer visas: These visas are designed for employees transferring within the same multinational company.
  • Permanent residency visas: These visas allow the employee to live and work in the host country indefinitely.


7. What happens if an employee’s visa application is denied?

Even with careful planning, visa applications can sometimes be denied. Global Mobility providers can help you understand the reasons for the denial and explore potential next steps. This may involve revising the application, appealing the decision, or exploring alternative visa options.


8. How much do Global Mobility Services typically cost?

The cost of Global Mobility Services can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The complexity of the assignment: Longer assignments in more challenging locations will generally cost more.
  • The range of services required: Companies needing a full suite of services will pay more than those only needing assistance with specific aspects of relocation.
  • The size and experience of the service provider: Larger and more established providers may have higher service fees.


However, most Global Mobility Service providers offer flexible pricing models. These might include:

  • Fixed fees: A set price for a specific service, such as visa processing.
  • Retainer agreements: A monthly fee for a predetermined level of service.


9. What are the advantages of outsourcing Global Mobility Services?

There are several advantages to outsourcing Global Mobility Services:

  • Expertise and efficiency: Global Mobility providers have the expertise and experience to navigate the complexities of international relocation, saving you time and resources.
  • Reduced risk: They can help you ensure compliance with immigration regulations and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Global reach: They have a network of contacts and resources in various countries, facilitating a smoother relocation process.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing can be more cost-effective than hiring dedicated staff for occasional international relocations.
  • Focus on core business: It allows you to focus your resources on your core business activities.


10. How can I ensure my employees comply with immigration regulations?

Navigating immigration regulations can be complex. Global Mobility service providers stay up-to-date on the latest visa requirements and procedures for various countries. They can help you ensure your employees comply with all regulations, avoiding potential delays, fines, or even visa denials.

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Breedj streamlined our global hiring process, making it easy to find and pay remote talents. Our team loves how the platform handles payments and compliance.

George D. France

Effortlessly paying our global team is now possible, thanks to Breedj's reliable and secure payroll system. Trustworthy partner for any organization working with remote employees.

Olivia S. United Kingdom

Thanks to Breedj, expanding our team internationally was a breeze. Their expertise in compliance and payroll made the whole experience stress-free and efficient.

Valorie A. Belgium

Breedj's platform is a game-changer for our remote workforce management. Their compliance solutions and excellent support team make the process stress-free.

Dieter G. Germany

Choosing Breedj was a smart move for our budget. Their affordable services allowed us to hire and pay global talent without breaking the bank. Good compliance solution.

Huang L. China

Breedj's cost-effective solutions transformed our hiring strategy. We save significantly on administrative expenses, making them an invaluable asset for our remote workforce needs.

Hannah M. Canada

Effortlessly paying our global team is now possible, thanks to Breedj's reliable and secure payroll system. Trustworthy partner for any organization working with remote employees.

Yua H. Japan

As a startup, cost efficiency is paramount. Breedj not only helped us hire globally but also offered cost-effective solutions that positively impacted our bottom line. Truly grateful!

Isaac D. USA

Global expansion simplified

Confidently expand to global markets

Breedj stands out as the preferred global employment solutions provider for several reasons, offering organizations a competitive edge with a range of scalable global employment solutions.

Cost effective

Drastically reduce administrative and overhead costs related to managing global employees.

100% compliant

Stay up to date with the ever changing global legislations, policies and local labor laws.

Peace of mind

Get direct access to our global employment experts to mitigate legal risks and penalties.

Fast-track market entry

Bypass the complexities associated with establishing a branch office or in-country.

Help emerging countries

Encourage growth and uplift lesser served regions by giving a job to talented remote professionals.

Support United Nations development goals

Directly support at least four sustainable development goals, simply by using our platform.