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We connect talents globally, foster remote job opportunities and empower Africa.

Breedj, the first social bridging platform being used by talents and businesses

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Social bridging for business

Through our social bridging platform, Breedj enables businesses of all sizes to compliantly recruit remote professionals, while assisting them to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the responsible employment of skilled workers residing in Africa.

About Breedj

What is social bridging?

Social Bridging refers to bridging the gap between people from very different continents and allowing them to come together by working on common projects.

Breedj is an HR fintech startup that connects talented professionals ready for remote work to global job opportunities. Our social bridging platform empowers businesses and NGOs to discover, engage, and compensate exceptional talents, regardless of their geographical locations.


We want to enable businesses of all sizes to easily connect with top talents from around the globe.


Our long term goal is to help 1,000,000 talents from developing countries secure full-time remote employment.

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How does it work?

Through our platform, organizations unlock access to an extensive talent database making the journey of discovering, engaging, and negotiating with potential remote team members seamless. 

Breedj then oversees the employment process, endorsing employment contracts through our EOR solutions, ensuring you abide by local employment regulations and obligations, and managing social contributions, underlining our dedication to social bridging.

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Make a real impact

Why become a social bridger?​

We strongly believe that Africa needs more employment opportunities to facilitate the growth of a middle class that can invest in the local economy. Organizations that join our community get instant access to a highly motivated and skilled workforce, ready for remote employment. 

Drive a tangible impact

At Breedj, we firmly believe that the most effective means of making a lasting impact in Africa is not simply by providing assistance to the continent, but by the providing employment opportunities that benefit the residents of Africa.

Support United Nations development goals

We aim to become a driving force behind sustainable job creation in Africa, thereby empowering its people and fostering self-reliance. By using Breedj's global employment solutions, your organization directly contributes to at least four United Nations Development Goals (SDGs).


What they say about Breedj

Breedj streamlined our global hiring process, making it easy to find and pay remote talents. Our team loves how the platform handles payments and compliance.

George D. France

Effortlessly paying our global team is now possible, thanks to Breedj's reliable and secure payroll system. Trustworthy partner for any organization working with remote employees.

Olivia S. United Kingdom

Thanks to Breedj, expanding our team internationally was a breeze. Their expertise in compliance and payroll made the whole experience stress-free and efficient.

Valorie A. Belgium

Breedj's platform is a game-changer for our remote workforce management. Their compliance solutions and excellent support team make the process stress-free.

Dieter G. Germany

Choosing Breedj was a smart move for our budget. Their affordable services allowed us to hire and pay global talent without breaking the bank. Good compliance solution.

Huang L. China

Breedj's cost-effective solutions transformed our hiring strategy. We save significantly on administrative expenses, making them an invaluable asset for our remote workforce needs.

Hannah M. Canada

Effortlessly paying our global team is now possible, thanks to Breedj's reliable and secure payroll system. Trustworthy partner for any organization working with remote employees.

Yua H. Japan

As a startup, cost efficiency is paramount. Breedj not only helped us hire globally but also offered cost-effective solutions that positively impacted our bottom line. Truly grateful!

Isaac D. USA

Unlocking global opportunities

Social bridging for talents

Social bridging is designed for professionals who are keen to work remotely for global organizations, while retaining the same status and advantages of a regular employee or contractor, according to their local labor laws. 

Free to join

Our platform is free to join for professionals looking to work fully remote.

Local payments

Your salary is paid directly to your bank account, in your local currency.

Curated global jobs

Quickly build your talent profile and apply for open positions worldwide.

Employment status

Choose between employee or contractor status when applying for jobs.

Employment contracts

We ensure your employment contract respects all local and international laws.

Social contributions

Breedj handles mandatory contributions as required by your local labor policies.

Breedj Academy happy student

Unleash your potential

Empower yourself with the Breedj academy

At Breedj, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey that never ends. That’s why we provide all members of our vibrant talent community with exclusive access to our course library, specifically crafted to upskilling yourself.

Learn at your own pace

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to navigate through the course material, track your progress, and access additional resources that complement your learning journey.

Be the top candidate

Take advantage of our course library to acquire in-demand skills. Stay ahead of the curve and position yourself as a top candidate for remote openings around the globe.

A borderless employment platform built for sustainability

When you join Breedj, you become part of a collective effort to shape a more sustainable world and directly contribute to four SGDs. Our platform is built on the belief that a career can be both fulfilling and purpose-driven.

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