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Unleash your potential

Empower yourself with the Breedj academy and find your dream job

At Breedj, we believe that learning is a lifelong journey that never ends. Our online academy provides all members of our vibrant talent community with access to an extensive library of resources, specifically crafted to help job seekers find a full remote job. Find expert tips, checklists to upskill yourself and grow your remote career.

Learn at your own pace

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to navigate through the course material, track your progress, and access additional resources that complement your learning journey.

Be the top candidate

Take advantage of our course library to acquire in-demand skills. Stay ahead of the curve and position yourself as a top candidate for remote openings around the globe.

Find the ideal remote job

Remote job search

Optimize your job search and find remote job opportunities that best match your skills.

Catch the eye of recruiters

Resumes and cover letters

Master the art of crafting perfect resumes and cover letters every time.

Stand out of the crowd

Interviews and negotiations

Learn how to make a great first impression with proven techniques and land the best offer.

Unlocking global opportunities

Social bridging for talents

Social bridging is designed for professionals who are keen to work remotely for global organizations, while retaining the same status and advantages of a regular employee or contractor, according to their local labor laws. 

Free to join

Our platform is free to join for professionals looking to work fully remote.

Local payments

Your salary is paid directly to your bank account, in your local currency.

Curated global jobs

Quickly build your talent profile and apply for open positions worldwide.

Employment status

Choose between employee or contractor status when applying for jobs.

Employment contracts

We ensure your employment contract respects all local and international laws.

Social contributions

Breedj handles mandatory contributions as required by your local labor policies.