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Angola Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Compliantly hire and pay employees in Angola. 

No in-country entity needed.

Breedj offers employer of record solutions in Angola. Through the Breedj platform, businesses of all sizes can compliantly hire and pay local nationals and expats alike.

Our platform provides a range of comprehensive solutions that simplifies EOR processes, allowing your business to operate seamlessly and in full compliance with local employment laws.

Ease of doing business in Angola

Angola is the second-largest oil producer in Africa, and its economy is heavily dependent on the oil sector. The country has made significant progress in improving its business environment over the years, as evident from its current ranking of 177 out of 190 economies in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2021 report. However, it still faces some challenges, particularly in starting a business and obtaining construction permits.

Despite these challenges, Angola offers many opportunities for international organizations looking to expand their operations. The government has introduced reforms aimed at improving the business environment, such as simplifying the tax system and streamlining the process of registering a business. The country’s strategic location, rich natural resources, and young, dynamic population make it an attractive destination for investors.

At Breedj, we understand the importance of staying informed about the business environment in Angola. With our employer of record services in Angola, we keep a close eye on the latest developments and changes in regulations, so our clients can be confident that they are always up-to-date on the latest requirements.

Our expertise in navigating the local labor market and our understanding of the business environment in Angola allows us to offer our clients the most efficient and effective solutions to achieve their business objectives.

Hiring in Angola

Hiring employees in Angola can be a complex and challenging process for global organizations. One option is to set up their own entity in Angola, which involves significant time and expense, as well as complying with local regulations. Another option is to use an EOR solution such as Breedj, which enables companies to hire employees without setting up a local entity.

Breedj’s employer of record solution in Angola provides our clients with access to local expertise, local employment contracts, and payroll services, while ensuring compliance with local regulations. We take care of all the legal and administrative tasks associated with employment, including managing benefits, taxes, and social security contributions, leaving our clients to focus on their core business.

The use of an EOR solution is the preferred option for global organizations that do not have a local entity in Angola. By using our EOR services, clients can be confident that they are compliant with local labor laws and regulations, without the need for setting up a local entity. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution that provides flexibility and allows organizations to focus on their core business.

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Breedj's local employment expertise in Angola

By partnering with Breedj, you can eliminate the need to establish an in-country entity, and thus, saving valuable time and resources while benefiting from our local expertise to guarantee full compliance for your business operations.

Our platform has been designed to seamlessly take care of every aspect of the local employment environment, while you focus on your core operations.

Employment contracts

We handle employment contracts for both global employees and contractors.

Guaranteed compliance

Breedj ensures full compliance with your workers' local labor laws.

Global payroll

Our platform ensures accurate and timely international salary payments.

Legal expertise

Leverage Breedj's extensive expertise to navigate diverse employment laws.

Tax & contributions

Breedj handles tax & mandatory contributions as required by local labor laws.

Multiple currencies

Your workers are paid in their local currency, directly to their bank account.

Statutory labor laws in Angola

Angola has specific labor laws that employers must follow when hiring employees. It is essential to understand these regulations to ensure compliance and avoid any legal issues. Here are some of the key statutory labor laws that employers must adhere to in Angola:

Probation Period: Unlimited employment contracts in Angola generally have a probation period of 60 days. During this time, employers can assess the employee’s suitability for the role and terminate the contract if necessary.

Annual Leave: Angolan employees are generally entitled to 22 days of vacation per year. Additionally, employees with children are entitled to an additional vacation day per year until the child reaches the age of 14.

Maternity Leave: Female employees in Angola are entitled to three months of maternity leave, with four weeks to be taken before the due date and the balance after. If there are multiple births, the mother is entitled to an additional four weeks. The employee may not return to work until at least five weeks after the birth. Employees on maternity leave are generally entitled to social security compensation, supplemented by the employer.

Paternity Leave: Unfortunately, there is no statutory paternity leave in Angola.

Sick Leave: Employees may take unlimited days off work for illness as long as they present a medical certificate. Medium and large companies must pay medical leave at 100% of the employee’s salary for the first two months. The third through the twelfth months must be paid at 50% of the base salary.

Labor regulations

Annual leave

22 days

Sick leave


Maternity leave

3 months

Paternity leave


Employee probation

2 months

Choose an EOR platform with a sustainable vision.

Become part of a collective effort to shape a more sustainable world and directly contribute to the United Nations Development Goals (SDGs).

Social security in Angola

Social security contributions in Angola are mandatory for employees and employers. Individuals are liable to social security contributions on their gross income, at rates of 3% (8% for retired employees) and 8% due by the employee and the employer, respectively.

Taxable income includes all cash or in-kind benefits, with the exception of social benefits paid by employers, holiday allowances, and values of subscription/participation in complementary social protection schemes. The contributions are intended to cover family, pension, and unemployment protection.

Foreign citizens working in Angola (without a residence permit) may be excluded from social security in the country, provided that they prove they are covered by their home country’s social security system.

Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the local labor market and social security regulations, enabling us to offer our clients the most efficient and effective solutions to meet their specific needs. Trust us to be your partner and ensure that you stay compliant with all social security requirements thanks to our employer of record solutions in Angola.

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Effortlessly paying our global team is now possible, thanks to Breedj's reliable and secure payroll system. Trustworthy partner for any organization working with remote employees.

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Global expansion simplified

Confidently expand to Angola

Breedj stands out as the preferred global employment solutions provider for several reasons, offering organizations a competitive edge with a range of scalable global employment solutions.

Cost effective

Drastically reduce administrative and overhead costs related to managing global employees.

100% compliant

Stay up to date with the ever changing global legislations, policies and local labor laws.

Peace of mind

Get direct access to our global employment experts to mitigate legal risks and penalties.

Fast-track market entry

Bypass the complexities associated with establishing a branch office or in-country.

Help emerging countries

Encourage growth and uplift lesser served regions by giving a job to talented remote professionals.

Support United Nations development goals

Directly support at least four sustainable development goals, simply by using our platform.