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Compliantly source and find top talents in Ethiopia. 

No in-country entity needed.

Breedj offers RPO solutions in Ethiopia. Through the Breedj platform, businesses of all sizes can compliantly find, hire and pay local nationals and expats alike.

Our platform provides a range of recruitment process outsourcing solutions that simplifies the processes, allowing your business to operate seamlessly and in full compliance with local employment laws.

Why hire talents from Ethiopia

Ethiopia, with its literacy rate surpassing 55% for those aged 15 and above (as noted by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics), is rapidly gaining recognition as an ideal location for recruitment process outsourcing. Beyond its literate populace, this East African jewel is experiencing an upward trajectory in sectors like technology, agriculture, and manufacturing. Such growth isn’t just organic; it’s bolstered by both domestic and international investments, signaling the country’s emergence as a sought-after hub for global businesses.

Harnessing the opportunities of Ethiopia, however, requires expertise and nuanced understanding. This is where RPO services in Ethiopia come to the fore. Opting for recruitment process outsourcing in Ethiopia ensures that businesses can effectively tap into this vast pool of talent, securing individuals who aren’t just qualified but are also aligned with a company’s ethos and vision. 

At the heart of this RPO drive is Breedj, dedicated to making the hiring process streamlined, efficient, and responsive to the evolving needs of businesses. With Breedj’s assistance, companies don’t just hire; they strategically build teams that are primed for success in the global arena.

Sourcing talents from Ethiopia

Ethiopia, often viewed through the lens of its rich cultural tapestry, is steadily emerging as a pivotal hub for talent sourcing in Ethiopia. The country’s pool of skilled professionals, shaped by its commendable literacy rates, is proving to be an invaluable resource for businesses aiming to stay ahead in today’s competitive global market. The real advantage, however, lies not just in numbers but in the unique blend of perspectives, innovation, and resilience these talents bring to the global stage.

The rising interest in Ethiopia isn’t coincidental; it’s rooted in strategic advantage. Talent sourcing in Ethiopia offers businesses the dual benefit of accessing a diverse workforce while also capitalizing on favorable economic conditions, including cost-effective labor and a positive business climate. This balance between quality and affordability positions Ethiopia as an indispensable partner for businesses with foresight.

At Breedj, we recognize the transformative potential of Ethiopian talent. Our commitment is more than just recruitment; it’s about building bridges between potential and opportunity. Through our tailored approach, we ensure that every talent sourced aligns with the nuanced needs of our clients, guaranteeing not just a fit, but a partnership primed for long-term success.

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Breedj's local employment expertise in Ethiopia

By partnering with Breedj, you can eliminate the need to establish an in-country entity, and thus, saving valuable time and resources while benefiting from our local expertise to guarantee full compliance for your business operations.

Our platform has been designed to seamlessly take care of every aspect of the local employment environment, while you focus on your core operations.

Employment contracts

We handle employment contracts for both global employees and contractors.

Guaranteed compliance

Breedj ensures full compliance with your workers' local labor laws.

Global payroll

Our platform ensures accurate and timely international salary payments.

Legal expertise

Leverage Breedj's extensive expertise to navigate diverse employment laws.

Tax & contributions

Breedj handles tax & mandatory contributions as required by local labor laws.

Multiple currencies

Your workers are paid in their local currency, directly to their bank account.

Employment laws and regulations in Ethiopia

Employment laws and regulations in Ethiopia can be complex and varied, making it essential for global organizations to familiarize themselves with the local labor laws and regulations before hiring in the country.

Breedj’s Ethiopia recruitment process outsourcing services can help you navigate these regulations and ensure that your recruitment efforts are compliant with the law. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Employment contracts: In Ethiopia, employment contracts should be in writing and must include details such as the job title, duties, compensation, and working hours. Contracts should also include specific language related to probation periods, notice periods, and severance pay.

Probation periods: The probation period in Ethiopia cannot exceed 60 days.

Working hours: A regular working day in Ethiopia counts for 8 hours, and a regular working week counts for 48 hours.

Overtime: In Ethiopia, overtime pay is regulated by law. The rate for overtime work between 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. is 150% of the normal hourly rate, while the rate for overtime work between 10:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. is 175% of the normal hourly rate. For work on a weekly rest day, the rate is 200% of the normal hourly rate, and for work on a public holiday, the rate is 250% of the normal hourly rate.

Breedj’s team of experts can help you ensure that your employment contracts are compliant with local laws and that you are offering fair compensation to your employees. We can also help you stay up-to-date on any changes to labor regulations that could affect your hiring and employment practices in Ethiopia.

Labor regulations

Annual leave

16 days

Sick leave

15 days

Maternity leave

4 months

Paternity leave

3 days

Employee probation

2 months

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Employment termination in Ethiopia

Employment termination in Ethiopia is subject to specific regulations and requirements that global organizations must be aware of when operating in the country. Here are some of the key policies related to employment termination in Ethiopia:

Termination grounds: In Ethiopia, employers can terminate an employment contract for specific reasons such as loss of capacity to perform the work, health or disability, or unwillingness to relocate. Notice of termination must be given in person or, if not possible, affixed on the notice board in the workplace of the worker for ten consecutive days.

Notice period: Notice periods in Ethiopia range from one to three months, depending on the length of the worker’s service. Workers who have completed their probation period and have a period of service not exceeding one year have a one-month notice period. Workers who have a period of service of more than one year up to nine years have a two-month notice period, and workers with more than nine years of service have a three-month notice period. In the case of termination due to a reduction in workforce, workers who have completed their probation period have a two-month notice period.

Severance pay: Severance pay is calculated based on the length of service and the worker’s average daily wage. The severance pay is 30 times the average daily wage of the last week of service for the first year of service. For workers who have served for more than one year, payment is increased by one-third of the sum, up to a maximum of 12 months’ wages.

At Breedj, we understand the complexities of employment termination in Ethiopia and can help our clients navigate these regulations while ensuring compliance. We provide expert guidance on employment contracts and can help you draft fair and legal termination policies that meet your business needs while protecting your employees’ rights.

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Breedj streamlined our global hiring process, making it easy to find and pay remote talents. Our team loves how the platform handles payments and compliance.

George D. France

Effortlessly paying our global team is now possible, thanks to Breedj's reliable and secure payroll system. Trustworthy partner for any organization working with remote employees.

Olivia S. United Kingdom

Thanks to Breedj, expanding our team internationally was a breeze. Their expertise in compliance and payroll made the whole experience stress-free and efficient.

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Breedj's platform is a game-changer for our remote workforce management. Their compliance solutions and excellent support team make the process stress-free.

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Choosing Breedj was a smart move for our budget. Their affordable services allowed us to hire and pay global talent without breaking the bank. Good compliance solution.

Huang L. China

Breedj's cost-effective solutions transformed our hiring strategy. We save significantly on administrative expenses, making them an invaluable asset for our remote workforce needs.

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Effortlessly paying our global team is now possible, thanks to Breedj's reliable and secure payroll system. Trustworthy partner for any organization working with remote employees.

Yua H. Japan

As a startup, cost efficiency is paramount. Breedj not only helped us hire globally but also offered cost-effective solutions that positively impacted our bottom line. Truly grateful!

Isaac D. USA

Global expansion simplified

Confidently expand to Ethiopia

Breedj stands out as the preferred global employment solutions provider for several reasons, offering organizations a competitive edge with a range of scalable global employment solutions.

Cost effective

Drastically reduce administrative and overhead costs related to managing global employees.

100% compliant

Stay up to date with the ever changing global legislations, policies and local labor laws.

Peace of mind

Get direct access to our global employment experts to mitigate legal risks and penalties.

Fast-track market entry

Bypass the complexities associated with establishing a branch office or in-country.

Help emerging countries

Encourage growth and uplift lesser served regions by giving a job to talented remote professionals.

Support United Nations development goals

Directly support at least four sustainable development goals, simply by using our platform.