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Sierra Leone RPO Services

Compliantly source and find top talents in Sierra Leone. 

No in-country entity needed.

Breedj offers RPO solutions in Sierra Leone. Through the Breedj platform, businesses of all sizes can compliantly find, hire and pay local nationals and expats alike. 

Our platform provides a range of recruitment process outsourcing solutions that simplifies the processes, allowing your business to operate seamlessly and in full compliance with local employment laws.

Why hire talents from Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s workforce is a hidden gem—a confluence of youthful energy, skill, and an inherent knack for innovation. While literacy rates have been consistently climbing, the education system in the country has also been evolving, churning out talent that is not just academically proficient but also industry-ready. The diversity of skills on offer spans sectors such as technology, healthcare, and commerce, among others. 

The workforce’s familiarity with local market conditions, consumer behavior, and cultural nuances serves as a value-add that can’t be easily replicated. Hence, hiring from Sierra Leone means you don’t just get an employee; you acquire a strategic asset who understands the lay of the land, literally and metaphorically.

Sourcing talents from Sierra Leone

Sourcing talent in Sierra Leone involves a blend of traditional and innovative methods—from local newspapers and job boards to the rapidly growing realm of online recruitment platforms. This multi-channel landscape can be difficult to traverse for organizations unfamiliar with the local setting. 

That’s where Breedj’s RPO solutions tailored for Sierra Leone come to your aid. Leveraging our extensive on-ground network and data-driven recruitment tools, we identify, screen, and onboard high-caliber talent, ensuring each step is optimized for your unique business requirements.

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West Africa


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Breedj's local employment expertise in Sierra Leone

By partnering with Breedj, you can eliminate the need to establish an in-country entity, and thus, saving valuable time and resources while benefiting from our local expertise to guarantee full compliance for your business operations.

Our platform has been designed to seamlessly take care of every aspect of the local employment environment, while you focus on your core operations.

Employment contracts

We handle employment contracts for both global employees and contractors.

Guaranteed compliance

Breedj ensures full compliance with your workers' local labor laws.

Global payroll

Our platform ensures accurate and timely international salary payments.

Legal expertise

Leverage Breedj's extensive expertise to navigate diverse employment laws.

Tax & contributions

Breedj handles tax & mandatory contributions as required by local labor laws.

Multiple currencies

Your workers are paid in their local currency, directly to their bank account.

Employment laws and regulations in Sierra Leone

Employee Probation Period in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, the probation period varies according to job nature and sector but is usually between one to six months. It’s a critical time for both employers and employees, offering a chance to assess compatibility and skills. Missteps during this phase, such as non-compliance with regulatory probationary guidelines, can be detrimental. Employers must carefully outline terms and expectations to avoid legal ramifications later on, making a deep understanding of Sierra Leone’s employment laws essential for successful recruitment.

Working Hours in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, the standard workweek is 40 hours, spread evenly across five days. The legal obligation to adhere to this timeframe is not merely a requirement but an investment in employee well-being. An overworked staff is a less productive staff, and violations can lead to penalties. Balancing your organization’s needs with legal working hour limits is thus not just about compliance but also about creating an optimal work environment that enhances productivity and employee satisfaction.

Overtime in Sierra Leone

Overtime compensation in Sierra Leone is strictly regulated. Work conducted beyond the standard 40-hour week mandates additional compensation, the rate for which is set by Sierra Leonean law. Comprehensive record-keeping is crucial for both compliance and for fostering an open, transparent relationship with employees. Non-compliance isn’t just legally risky; it can also tarnish your organization’s reputation, emphasizing the need for meticulous time management systems.

Labor regulations

Annual leave

12 days

Sick leave


Maternity leave

12 weeks

Paternity leave


Employee probation

Up to 3 months

Choose a RPO platform with a tangible impact.

Become part of a collective effort to shape a more sustainable world and directly contribute to the United Nations Development Goals (SDGs).

Employment termination in Sierra Leone

General Termination of Employment Policies in Sierra Leone

The legal environment in Sierra Leone prescribes a rigid framework for employment termination. For fixed-term contracts, termination is straightforward as the contract concludes at its predetermined end date. For indefinite-term contracts, the process is more complex. Termination must be justified with valid reasons such as gross misconduct or organizational restructuring. Failure to follow a transparent, well-documented disciplinary process can lead to legal complications, making it vital for employers to proceed with caution and due diligence.

Notice Period in Sierra Leone

The notice period in Sierra Leone is a crucial aspect of employment contracts, varying from one week to several months depending on employee tenure. These notice periods serve as adjustment windows, providing both parties time to recalibrate their strategies and plans. Non-compliance is not an option; it’s a legal requirement that demands strict adherence. Failing to observe correct notice periods can lead to legal penalties and strain the employer-employee relationship, making it crucial for organizations to be well-versed in this aspect of Sierra Leone’s labor laws.

Severance Pay in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leonean labor laws mandate severance pay that is often calculated based on years of service to the employer. These funds act as a safety net for employees and can help mitigate the emotional and financial stress that often accompanies job loss. The requirement for severance pay isn’t just a statutory mandate but also an ethical obligation, serving to maintain employee morale even in the difficult circumstances of termination.

Breedj's platform

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54 countries

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Onboard workers in less than 24 hours

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What they say about Breedj

Breedj streamlined our global hiring process, making it easy to find and pay remote talents. Our team loves how the platform handles payments and compliance.

George D. France

Effortlessly paying our global team is now possible, thanks to Breedj's reliable and secure payroll system. Trustworthy partner for any organization working with remote employees.

Olivia S. United Kingdom

Thanks to Breedj, expanding our team internationally was a breeze. Their expertise in compliance and payroll made the whole experience stress-free and efficient.

Valorie A. Belgium

Breedj's platform is a game-changer for our remote workforce management. Their compliance solutions and excellent support team make the process stress-free.

Dieter G. Germany

Choosing Breedj was a smart move for our budget. Their affordable services allowed us to hire and pay global talent without breaking the bank. Good compliance solution.

Huang L. China

Breedj's cost-effective solutions transformed our hiring strategy. We save significantly on administrative expenses, making them an invaluable asset for our remote workforce needs.

Hannah M. Canada

Effortlessly paying our global team is now possible, thanks to Breedj's reliable and secure payroll system. Trustworthy partner for any organization working with remote employees.

Yua H. Japan

As a startup, cost efficiency is paramount. Breedj not only helped us hire globally but also offered cost-effective solutions that positively impacted our bottom line. Truly grateful!

Isaac D. USA

Global expansion simplified

Confidently expand to Sierra Leone

Breedj stands out as the preferred global employment solutions provider for several reasons, offering organizations a competitive edge with a range of scalable global employment solutions.

Cost effective

Drastically reduce administrative and overhead costs related to managing global employees.

100% compliant

Stay up to date with the ever changing global legislations, policies and local labor laws.

Peace of mind

Get direct access to our global employment experts to mitigate legal risks and penalties.

Fast-track market entry

Bypass the complexities associated with establishing a branch office or in-country.

Help emerging countries

Encourage growth and uplift lesser served regions by giving a job to talented remote professionals.

Support United Nations development goals

Directly support at least four sustainable development goals, simply by using our platform.